Aspen FAQs

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  • For free Text Comment fields, can I type the comments into a Word document and then use the Copy and Paste Function to enter them?

    You cannot copy and paste from Word directly into the comment field box in Aspen/X2. Word is a rich-text editor that adds invisible characters and formatting that is not compatible with the comment field in Aspen/X2. You need to use a plain text editor like Text Edit (Mac) or Notepad (PC). What you can do, if you already have the comments saved in a Word document is copy from Word, paste into the Text Edit/Notepad (stripping the extra formatting), then copy from Text Edit/Notepad and paste into the comment field.

  • I do not see all of my classes in my Class List in Gradebook. What do I do?

    Elementary Teachers: Please send us an e-mail ( so we can investigate the reason and resolve the situation.

    High School & Thurston Teachers: Aspen/X2 sorts your class list in several ways, one of which is by term. Aspen/X2 defaults this list to view classes in the current term; if the quarter or semester has just changed, then in your class list, go to the filter icon (martini glass). It should have Current Classes selected; just click on This Year's Classes and you will see all of your classes, all terms, for the current academic year. (With other filter options that that are available to choose from, you can also look at previous year's classes.) If this does not resolve the issue, send us an e-mail ( so we can help resolve the situation.

  • I do not see all of my students on my roster/Gradebook or I see students who are not in my class. What is wrong?

    Elementary Teachers: The most likely cause for this is a new student and at the time he/she was registered in Aspen/X2 we did not know his/her homeroom assignment. Or a change was made after the start of the school year. Simply send us an e-mail with the student's name and we will add/remove them from the roster.

    Thurston Teachers: Please contact Thurston Principal, Allison Borchers. Corrections should be made in Aspen/X2 to an individual student's schedule.

    High School Teachers: Please contact the student's Guidance counselor. All schedule changes are performed by Guidance Counselors. Often a change in one block will result in changes in other blocks. Level changes in the same block also have GPA and transcript ramifications as well. Guidance will contact Aspen/X2 support if further assistance is needed to resolve the situation.