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Until further notice: All Fields (Town or School Property and including the High School and Deerfield Tracks), Playgrounds, Tennis Courts and Basketball Courts are CLOSED

The following public buildings are closed to the public: Town Hall, Public Library, Council on Aging, ICC/Youth & Family Services, Carby Street which includes Public Works, Building Department and Economic Development, Recreation Department including the pool.  

A green drop box is located in front of Town Hall for residents to drop off payments and other correspondence.  

Zoning Bylaws

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The Zoning Bylaw is the legal framework that regulates development in municipalities. The Zoning Bylaw has two major parts: the official zoning map that illustrates how the town is divided into different zoning districts, and the zoning text that describes the regulations that apply in each district. Municipal zoning ordinances are governed by Chapter 40A of the Massachusetts General Laws.

Zoning districts regulate the types of structures that can be built as well as the kinds of uses that can be operated in a given area. The Westwood Zoning Bylaw and Official Zoning Map represent governing documents for allowable land uses and development in Westwood. They specify not only the areas in which uses for commercial, industrial, institutional, recreational, and residential purposes can take place but also the processes by which these uses are approved.  Essentially, zoning establishes regulations for how sites can be used (residential, commercial, industrial, etc.), the size and scale of buildings that can be built, the amount of parking required, and many other aspects of design and development throughout the town. The regulations for a given site depend on the zoning district in which the site is located.

Zoning Bylaw - Amended through May 2019 (Attorney General Approval August 2019)

Zoning Map - Amended through May 2018 (Attorney General Approval approved September 2018)

See also, the Zoning Amendment Flow Chart to learn more about how zoning is created, changed, or amended.

Review currently proposed, recently proposed, and adopted Zoning Amendments here.