Islington Redevelopment RFP

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The three articles related to the Islington Center Redevelopment RFP Project were approved by Town Meeting on May 30, 2018.

Annual Town Meeting Warrant for Wednesday, May 30, 2018 
Article 11 - Land Disposition for Town Owned Land (5 parts)
Article 12 - Funding for Wentworth Hall (Library) Relocation, Renovation, and Addition for Y&FS & Community Space
Article 13 - Text and Zoning Map Amendment to Expand LBB & FMUOD 6 zones

Fact Sheet
Map of Land Ownership - Existing & Proposed
Summary of Land Disposition Agreement Term (LDA)
Summary of Phases of Development
ICC (Islington Community Center) - Revenues, Expenses & Capital Needs
Town, Preliminary Soil Testing & Characterization Summary
Town-Land Appraisal 
Presentation to Finance & Warrant Commission March 26 Hearing
Issue Resolution Chart


A Special Permit Application for Islington Center Redevelopment was submitted to the Planning Board in December and public hearings were held on 1/16, 2/13, 2/27, 3/20, 4/4, and 4/10. On April 10, the Planning Board voted to approve the project. 

Planning Board's written Approval/Decision
Approved Architectural & Design Plans
Approved Site Plan Set

Material from each hearing is available here: Current Planning Board Applications

Islington Redevelopment RFP Background: 

In May 2016, the Task Force issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) to explore options for the potential redevelopment and/or reuse of various Town-owned properties along Washington Street.  The RFP invited any interested parties to submit creative proposals for four Town-owned properties, including the Municipal Parking Lot, Wentworth Hall (the Branch Library), the East Street Parcel, and the Islington Community Center (the parcels are further detailed in the RFP document below).  The RFP outlined specific threshold criteria required of all bidders, such as compensation for community space presently associated with these properties, including the Branch Library, Youth & Family Services offices, and several Recreation programs.  Additionally, the RFP was open-ended to encourage creative responses. 

Responses to the RFP were due June 21, 2016 and were then distributed to the Islington Center Task Force members on June 22 (Petruzziello Properties, LLC was the only bidder).  The RFP does not obligate the Town to sell or lease any of these properties, and the review process will entail an exhaustive public process before any sale or lease could even be considered.  That public process will begin with the open review and analysis of the proposal by the Task Force members and the Board of Selectmen.  The Task Force began reviewing the response on  September 8 and found the response to meet all of the threshold criteria, and invited the bidder in for an interview and presentation on September 15.  Click to view the presentation.  The Task Force met on October 13 where other alternatives were presented by Petruzziello Properties.  Click here to see the presentation and more information is below.  The Task Force met on November 10, 2016 to review all proposals and responses from Petruzziello Properties.  On January 18 a more complete Option 6 was presented.  The Task Force reviewed Options 4 and 5 in detail on February 15 and deliberated on March 22 at Thurston Middle School. On March 22, the Task Force voted to recommend the Board of Selectmen choose Petruzziello Properties' Option 6 Concept Plans for consideration in response to the RFP (full motion here). 

The Board of Selectmen held public meetings on May 16, May 31, and June 19 to consider the Petruzziello Properties Proposal and the Islington Center task Force's recommendation on that proposal.  On June 19, the Proponent submitted a revised concept plan, entitled Option 6B, in response to comments made at the May 16 and May 31 meetings.  The Board of Selectmen considered a report comparing various aspects Options 6 and 6B and all comments received at the various meetings before voting unanimously to authorize staff and special counsel to prepare a Memorandum of Understanding to enable the creation of more advanced plans for review by the Planning Board and any other relevant boards and commissions.  If permitting approvals are eventually granted, residents will then have the opportunity to decide at Town Meeting whether or not to authorize the Board of Selectmen to proceed with the proposed redevelopment project.

Active public participation is encouraged at all stages of the review process.  All meetings are open to the public and posted with the Town Clerk and on the Town's webpage at least 48 business hours in advance. 

Islington Center RFP Solicitation

Petruzziello Properties Response to Islington Center RFP

September 15, 2016 Presentation from Petruzziello Properties

October 13, 2016 Presentation from Petruzziello Properties

Final Concept Plan - Option 6B

Proponent's June 19th Report to Selectmen



Renderings for Petruzziello Properties Proposal

Click on the rendering titles to see images.

Proposed Community Center Building Rendering

Proposed CVS Building Rendering

Proposed Option 2, 4, and 5 Mixed-Use Building Rendering

Proposed Option 6 and 6B Mixed-Use Building Rendering (ICC Recreation)



Site Plans for Petruzziello Properties Options 1-7

Click on the option titles to see images.

Option 1:

The original proposal with new mixed use building on Site 1 (west/School St. side of Washington St.) containing 28 one-bedroom apartments, 9,000 Sq. Ft. first floor retail, underground parking, the Blue Hart Tavern restored and located at back of 9 School St., and municipal parking in the rear.  Site 2 proposes a new CVS building at the corner of Washington St. and East St., relocating the Library to where CVS is presently, and constructing 10,000 Sq. Ft. addition behind the Library for community and MMO space.

Option 2:

Proposes CVS on the School St. corner with the restored Blue Hart Tavern and Library on the west side of Washington St. with municipal parking in the rear.  Site 2/East side of Washington St. containing a new mixed use building where ICC is presently, MMO and Community space and retail where Library and CVS are currently.

Option 3:

Mixed use building with 20 apartments and 14,000 Sq. Ft. first floor retail on School St. corner, restored Blue Hart Tavern at front of 9 School St., municipal parking in the rear. Site 2 CVS on corner with Library and addition for MMO and community space where CVS exists.

Option 4:

CVS on School St. corner with Library and Blue Hart Tavern where municipal lot is with parking behind.  ICC building remains with MMO and community space and new mixed use building with 28 apartments and 14,000 Sq. Ft. first floor retail where Library and CVS are now.

Option 5: 

East side of Washington St. remains unchanged. Proposes mixed use building on corner of School St. with 20 apartments and 14,000 Sq. Ft. first floor retail, parking behind in the rear, Blue Hart Tavern on front of 9 School Street.

Option 6:

Proposal  reviewed at November 10 meeting includes replacing the existing ICC/former church building - the "L" shape at corner of Washington and East Streets but replicate the former church exterior for first floor retail and residences above (1.5 stories of residential) with parking underground. Updated option 6 click here.

Option 6B:

Proposal  reviewed at June 19 Board of Selectmen meeting includes replica of the former church exterior for first floor retail and residences above (1.5 stories of residential) with parking underground, and proposed new community center addition to rear of relocated Wentworth Hall.

Option 7:

This is not an RFP option, but is provided to show development on the private property owned by Petruzziello Properties within the Zoning Bylaw without including Town properties.