Bullying Prevention Theater

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Bullying Prevention TheaterBullying is an epidemic in our schools.  Research shows that over 77% of students in the United States have admitted to being bullied occurring with the most frequency between 6th and 8th grade. In response to this alarming statistic, Westwood Youth & Family Services, with the support of the Foundation for Westwood Education, developed Bullying Prevention Theater (BPT) in 2011. This unique program was created by both adult staff and high school students with a primary goal of creating a realistic and powerful way to educate and support the 6th grade students of Westwood on the topic of bullying.

Bullying Prevention TheaterThe main focus of BPT is to provide guidance to the children who are bystanders in bullying situations. Research shows that bystanders not only make up the majority of individuals involved in bullying scenarios, but they also have the most power to initiate and maintain a positive change.  When bystanders intervene on behalf of the victim, over half of the time, bullying stops within 10 seconds (Craig & Pepler, 1997). For more information on the presentation and classroom visits please view the: Parent Packet 2019 

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