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 Supporting the Healthy Growth of Westwood Children and their Families


Updated 5/15/20: Registration links and information on  our "Summer Craft Club" can found be found by going to our "Programs For Youth - Elementary School subpage. 

Thank you to all the Parents/Guardians that attended our Zoom Webinar: Parenting in Uncertain Times on 4/28/20. You can find a link to the video under the sub page: WY&FS Videos. A link to resources and articles mentioned can be found on the sub page: Resource Referral.

The Westwood Youth & Family Services' office at the Islington Community Center will be physically closed until further notice.  WY&FS staff members remain available by phone or email.  We will return calls and emails as soon as possible.   Please be in touch if you are in need of support and resources.  You can reach us at (781) 320-1006 or  

Another mental health resources available at no charge to ALL residents is the William James College Interface Referral Service, which is currently staffed Monday-Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.  For more information, please call the INTERFACE hotline at 888-244-6843 or visit our WY&FS sub page titled INTERFACE Referral Service. 

For a psychiatric emergency please call Riverside Emergency Services at      800-529-5077 or call 911. 

If you are in need of financial assistance or experiencing food insecurity during this difficult time please reach out to our friends at 

Westwood Food Pantry:

Westwood Community Chest:

Westwood Youth & Family Services has been supporting and advocating for the children and families in our community since 1986. Formerly known as the Westwood Youth Commission, we are a municipally funded agency providing clinical and supportive services designed to foster the healthy growth of children ages 4-18. Westwood Youth & Family Services works in close collaboration with town agencies, the Westwood Public Schools, and other community based non-profit groups.

Learn more about the services we provide to Westwood families in this WestCAT video. 

Westwood Youth & Family Services Informational Video