COVID-19 Info & Updates:

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Effective immediately and until further notice: All Fields (Town or School Property and including the High School and Deerfield Tracks), Playgrounds, Tennis Courts and Basketball Courts are CLOSED

The following public buildings are closed to the public: Town Hall, Public Library, Council on Aging, ICC/Youth & Family Services, Carby Street which includes Public Works, Building Department and Economic Development, Recreation Department including the pool.  

A green drop box is located in front of Town Hall for residents to drop off payments and other correspondence.  

Town Clerk FAQs

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  • Where can I find Justice of the Peace services?

  • Will my birth certificate, marriage certificate or death certificate be on file in Westwood?

  • Can I get my birth certificate here if I was born in another State but lived here for 20 years?

  • How May I Obtain A Certified Copy of A Death Certificate?

  • How May I Obtain A Certified Copy of A Marriage License?

  • How May I Obtain A Certified Copy of A Birth Certificate?

  • Do I need a Permit for a yard sale?

  • I work all week, how can I come in when Town Clerk hours are similar to mine?

  • Can I apply for a passport in a town office?

  • We need a Justice of the Peace.

  • Who governs the town of Westwood?

  • Am I required to License my dog(s)?

  • How do I apply for a raffle Permit?

  • Can I get a dog License application online?

  • How do I get a copy of past meeting minutes?

  • I need documents notarized. Where do I go?

  • Am I required to fill out the census form I received?

  • How do I acquire a License for my dog?

  • Do I have to file a business certificate with the Town?

  • I have a dog. Why do I have to register him?

  • How do I get recognized to speak at Town Meeting?

  • Do I need a Permit to run a raffle?

  • I just became a Notary Public. I need to be sworn in. Where do I go?

  • Why am I not listed as a registered voter? I filled out a census form.

  • How many voting precincts do we have?

  • Where can I find Notary Public services?