The Economic Development Division provides information and assistance to existing and prospective Westwood businesses considering a Westwood expansion, location, or relocation. Staff are available to consult with business owners and property owners who are interested in developing or expanding commercial properties in a manner that fosters responsible economic growth while preserving Westwood’s unique community character.

Current Objectives

  • Proactively support the premise that “Westwood is Open for Business”; 
  • Encourage and assist in the permitting of future phases of the University Station project;
  • Encourage Islington Center renewal through a public-private partnership with extensive community engagement;
  • Facilitate the redevelopment of University Avenue properties that are not associated with the University Station project;
  • Facilitate the redevelopment of Route 1 corridor to foster additional economic development, with a focus on the Glacier Park area;
  • Identify opportunities in the High Street commercial corridor for redevelopment of existing commercial properties;
  • Work on a process to facilitate the disposition of the Obed Baker house;
  • Coordinate with state officials to obtain state business development incentives;
  • Seek out and assist people looking to develop or locate businesses in Westwood, review their proposed plans and make recommendations to appropriate boards;
  • Work with representatives from surrounding communities on regional coordination of transportation needs, water needs, public safety needs and any other infrastructure or service issues affecting economic development on a region wide basis;
  • Continue to advocate for near term construction of the I93/I95 interchange project..