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The following public buildings are closed to the public: Town Hall, Public Library, Council on Aging, ICC/Youth & Family Services, Carby Street which includes Public Works, Building Department and Economic Development, Recreation Department including the pool.  

A green drop box is located in front of Town Hall for residents to drop off payments and other correspondence.  

Commercial Construction FAQs

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  • Commercial Construction

    • How much notice is required when requesting an inspection?

    • How is a request for inspection made?

    • Is a Certificate of Occupancy always issued?

    • How long after an application for Permit is submitted will a Permit be issued?

    • When should the Permit Fee be paid?

    • Does someone have to be at the project site during a Building Department inspection?

    • Can work begin once the Permit application is submitted?

    • How much notice is required when requesting an inspection?

    • Will I be notified when the Building Permit is ready to be issued, or should I call to find out the status?

    • If I disagree with the decision of the Building Inspector or Building Commissioner, what can I do?

    • What is the "Stretch Code"?

    • If a project falls under the umbrella of Construction Control, does the Building Department still have to perform inspections?

    • I am a design professional not registered in Massachusetts. Can I provide services for a project in Westwood?

    • Does a Building Permit cover all the work on a project? Are separate plumbing, electrical, mechanical, etc. permits required?

    • How and when is a project issued a Certificate of Occupancy?

    • What is the penalty for working without a Building or Trade Permit when one is required?

    • What if something is not covered in the Building Code?

    • How does one apply for a Building Permit?

    • Is a permit required to perform demolition work?

    • What is "Construction Control"?