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Think Before You Flush!

Do not flush any non-biodegradable products down the toilet

Post Date:03/18/2020 11:10 AM

Update from Department of Public Works:

What Not To Flush

Just because you flush human waste down the toilet doesn’t mean it’s safe to flush other types of waste along with it. Sewers are designed to take away wastewater from sinks and baths, as well as toilet paper and human waste flushed down the toilet. But hundreds of people cause blockages in sewers by putting trash down the toilet. Just because an item is called disposable doesn't mean it is safe to flush. Instead you should bag it and put it in the trash... don't flush it!

Think before you flush.

The amount of trash that makes its way to our wastewater pump stations and treatment facility is increasing along with the increasing popularity of disposable wipes, washcloths and rags. When you flush items such as baby wipes, hand wipes, floor wipes, etc. down the toilet, they can get stuck in our sewage pumps, which can damage the pumps and potentially cause sewer backups.  Sewer backups can result in damage to nearby homes and businesses and can have environmental impacts if the sewage is discharged into the environment.  So please, do not flush trash down the toilet!

 Do not flush any non-biodegradable products down the toilet. Items such as:

  • Paper towels, disposable wipes, washcloths and rags
  • Synthetic materials such as plastic do not decompose and dissolve
  • Feminine products
  • Cotton balls
  • Syringes (Syringes can be disposed of in sharps containers at the Board of Health Office at 50 Carby Street)
  • Diapers and baby wipes
  • Fats, Oil and Grease*

* Fats, Oil and Grease are some of the primary causes of blockages in sanitary sewer collection systems. Too often grease is washed into the plumbing system usually through the kitchen sink. When grease cools it lines the pipes, decreasing the opening until the pipe blocks up completely and sewer backs up into homes, businesses or manholes.  Do not pour grease down the drain. Instead, pour it into a disposable container, let it cool, and dispose of it in the trash

Thank you for your help!

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