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WY&FS February 24th Advisory Board Meeting

  1. Call to Order (John Loughnane
  2. Review and acceptance of January 27, 2020 minutes (Mary Ellen LaRose)
  3. Director’s Report (Danielle Sutton)


  4. Old Business

    -     Wentworth Hall – Islington Community Center updates (Danielle)

    -     Nomination Procedure & Bylaw Review for FY20 (Danielle)

    -     Screenagers Next Chapter – group discussion 

  5. New Business

    -     Recognize A Youth Award (Mary Ellen)

    -     Student Board Member Application Process (Mary Ellen)

    • Community Liaisons (i.e. Westwood Cares, Comprehensive Plan, Early Childhood Council, Food Pantry, Community Chest, Police)
    • WPS Schools Update (All)
    • Community Updates (All)


  6. Adjournment

Next meeting:  March 23, 2020