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Interested in Serving on a Board/Committee in Town?

Are you interested in serving your community? The Town of Westwood is looking for residents to volunteer to serve on many of its local Boards, Committees or Commissions. You can choose your area of expertise from Finance to Environmental to better serve your community. Resident participation results in a stronger and more responsive local government. Please contact the Selectmen’s Office if you would like to learn more about any board/committee.

The Westwood Board of Selectmen is looking for interested volunteers to fill the current vacancies on the following:

Communication and Technology Advisory Board – 4 Regular Member Vacancies

CTAB’s mission is to optimize existing technology resources, and to provide new technology guidance to enhance performance and produce better services for the Town. The Communications and Technology Advisory Board (CTAB) is composed of seven members appointed by the Select Board to two-year overlapping terms. The Board meets generally on the second Tuesday evening of the month. As required, CTAB members participate in other meetings and activities with employees and officials of Town government whenever needed to help oversee Information Technology systems as well as broadband, cable and high speed Internet access activities in Westwood.

Conservation Commission – 2 Associate Member Vacancies

The Conservation Commission is the official agency specifically charged with the protection of a community's natural resources. The Commission functions to regulate work in or near wetlands and river resource areas and encourages and works towards the acquisition and management of Conservation Land. The Conservation Commission also serves as the Stormwater Management Authority, and advises other municipal officials and boards on conservation issues that relate to their areas of responsibility.

Historical Commission – 3 Vacancies

The mission of the Westwood Historical Commission is to identify, document, and protect Westwood’s historic resources, to increase public awareness of Westwood’s heritage and the value of historic preservation, through the guidance and council of the Massachusetts Historical Commission, in cooperation with other Town boards and committees. The WHC endeavors to be a preservation information resource to all citizens of Westwood and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts by means of research, public meetings, and local media outlets.

Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Committee – 4 Vacancies

The Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Committee was created by the Select Board to help make Westwood a more “walk-able” and “bike-able” community by engaging residents and Town departments in a sustainable and ongoing process of identifying needs, designing solutions and implementing improvements. The Committee continues its commitment by researching ideas on how to encourage walking and biking by consulting with neighboring towns, attending presentations from local agencies, meeting with our own Public Works Department, and seeking input from Westwood residents. The Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Committee was created by the Select Board in 2009 to help make Westwood a more pedestrian and bicycle friendly community by engaging resident and Town departments in a sustainable and ongoing process of identifying needs, designing solutions and implementing improvements. Since its inception, the committee has been researching ideas on how to encourage walking and biking by consulting with neighboring towns, hearing presentations from local agencies and our out Department of Public Works, and by seeking input from Westwood residents.

Recreation Commission – Associate Membership Available

The Recreation Commission is an advisory and policy-making board representing the residents of Westwood. This board, consisting of residents appointed by the Select Board, advises and supports the year-round department programs, activities, and community events. The Recreation Commission also assists the department with the management and use of fields and recreation facilities on Town sites. The goal of the commission is to ensure that the department provides diverse programming that stimulates physical, social, creative, athletic, and educational development.

Westwood Cultural Council – 3 Vacancies

Westwood Cultural Council (WCC) helps provide cultural opportunities for residents of community. Annually, WCC gives grants to applicants wishing to provide opportunities in the arts, humanities and sciences to various segments of Westwood's residents. The Council receives grant funding from the Massachusetts Cultural Council to promote excellence, access, education & diversity in the arts, sciences and humanities to improve the communities economics & quality of life.

Westwood Environmental Action Committee – 2 Vacancies Available

Westwood Environmental Action Committee (WEAC) serves as an advisory committee to the Select Board. The Committee identifies environmental issues to the Select Board attention to work with them on solutions that benefit the town and its residents.  The mission of WEAC is to promote energy and resource conservation, renewable energy, water conservation, green buildings, more efficient vehicles, tree planting, recycling and environmental education in the Town of Westwood.  

Zoning Board of Appeals –  1 Associate Member Vacancy

Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 40A and the Westwood Zoning Bylaw provide that the Zoning Board of Appeals shall have the power to hear and decide the following: Appeals of the Building Commissioner’s decisions and any applications for Comprehensive Permits, Special Permits and Variances. The hearing process is quasi-judicial in nature and has time constraints under Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 40A. If you are interested in serving on a board/committee in Town, please contact Tish Healey, Interim Executive Assistant with a copy of your resume and/or a statement of interest of how you think you could contribute to the mission of the board/committee.

We will continue to update the vacancy list

Send resumes and/or statements of interest to:

Select Board Office- Town Hall

580 High Street

Westwood MA, 02090

or via email to: