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Bring Your Own Bag Month!

At the Select Board’s meeting on February 4th, the Board supported the efforts of the Westwood Environmental Action Committee to spread awareness and education on the benefits of reusable bags by proclaiming the month of May 2019 “Bring Your Own Bag Month”  Keep an eye out for more information and how you can participate and make a difference!


Proclamation Reads:

WHEREAS:    Although plastic shopping bags are inexpensive for retailers and convenient to shoppers, they fowl recycling processes and are a source of waste and pollution in our environment, blocking drainage systems, polluting our oceans, and posing danger to many species; and


WHEREAS:     The Westwood Environmental Action Committee has been working on educational materials related to the issues around plastic and paper bags and their direct impact on the environment; and


WHEREAS:     A survey conducted by WEAC indicates that more people who currently do not bring their own bags shopping would take “free” paper bags, which have a high carbon and chemical footprints, destroy forest habitats, are 5 times more costly to retailers, and would increase Westwood’s solid waste and recycling costs; and


WHEREAS:     The Select Board supports the Westwood Environmental Action Committee in its efforts to educate the public on the environmental impacts of plastic and paper bags;


BE IT RESOLVED THAT THE SELECT BOARD proclaims the month of May in the year 2019 as Bring Your Own Bag Month.