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Changes to the MBTA Commuter Rail Schedules

Effective Monday, October 22, 2018, new commuter rail schedules will go into effect.  There are minor changes to trains that serve your community.  These changes are designed to utilize new or improved track infrastructure, eliminate freight conflicts, and minimize train traffic that can cause congestion and delays.  Commuter rail schedules are adjusted twice a year, spring and fall, to meet changing passenger needs, reflect investments and upgrades to the system and further improve on-time performance (OTP).

Below are changes that are over 5 minutes (peak trains highlighted in yellow):

Franklin Line

  • #706 (inbound 7:08AM from Forge Park) - Windsor Gardens stop removed at 7:34AM.  Replaced with #740 8 minutes later.
  • #741 (outbound 6:45AM from South Station) will operate 5 minutes earlier at 6:40AM with Windsor Gardens stop removed. 
  • #746 (inbound 6:08PM from Walpole) departs 29 minutes later via Back Bay Station at 6:37PM.

Customers are encouraged to visit to view the new schedules prior to October 22nd.