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Update from DWWD

Additional testing of the water supply revealed that the source of the E.coli bacteria to be one of the wells that supply the White Lodge Treatment Plant. That well remains off line and is undergoing inspection and will be tested before any further decisions can be made as to its return to use.

Officials at Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) agreed with this action plan and allowed the return to operation of the White Lodge Water Treatment, without using the offline well, and contingent upon additional testing.

The Water District was able to demonstrate to the satisfaction of the DEP that there is sufficient contact time between the disinfection at the Water Treatment Plant and the first water customer. Therefore, the return to use of the Water Treatment Plant was allowed.

There is no action that consumers need to take. There is no need to boil the water and the water is considered safe to drink.

Additional information will be made available on the website and our office which can be reached at 781-329-7090.