Town of Westwood

Westwood was established in 1897. It is made up of a community of 14, 626 located 12 miles southwest of Boston. Westwood is situated at the junction of Route 95/128 and 93 and provides an excellent location for its residents with easy access to Boston, but with all the elements of a beautiful suburban community. Westwood also has two commuter rail lines and full MBTA bus service on Routes 1 and 1A (Washington Street). 



Westwood is recognized for the quality of its education. Students consistently score in the top percentiles on national tests, MCAS, and the overwhelming majority of students graduating from the high school go on to higher education. The Town also encourages and maintains many recreational areas and facilities, including numerous conservation areas, playgrounds, ball fields and an indoor pool facility. The Town has two libraries, a senior center, Youth & Family Services, and numerous community-sponsored events for the Town's residents.

Westwood is home to over two hundred businesses in established commercial areas, each varied in character. Currently, Westwood is in the process of inspecting the construction of the University Station Project, a mixed use overlay project that includes a 2.3 million square foot retail, office and residential area, convienently located near the Westwood Station train, which is the sole regional stop for AMTRAK high-speed rail service from Boston to New York and Washington. The highway business district, Route 1, is comprised of larger retail and service establishments as well as corporate offices. The shopping areas of High Street and Islington's Washington Street provide retail services for residents that enhance the quality of life in town. Additionally, High Street houses the municipal buildings, the main public library, one of our fire stations and the police department. Residents and businesses are served by first-rate town services, with water from the Dedham Westwood Water District, sewer services from the Massachusetts Water Resource Authority, electricity from NSTAR and natural gas from Algonquin Gas.
The Town of Westwood Massachusetts is governed by the Board of Selectmen, which is made up of three members who are elected for three-year overlapping terms. The Town adopted a Home Rule Charter, which provides for the Selectmen, Open Town Meeting, and Town Administrator form of government. The following are links to an organizational chart and lists of officials which will provide additional information on town government structure:


  Pictures by Douglas Hyde  


The following are state and federal elected officials for the Town of Westwood:
State Senator - Michael Rush
State Representative - Paul McMurtry 
U. S. Senator - Edward Marky
U. S. Senator - Elizabeth Warren