Water Efficiency

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Department / Board / Committee : Board of Health

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Water Efficiency


Article provided by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency



 Did you know that toilets are the greatest water user in a house?  Or that a leaky toilet can waste as much as 200 gallons per day?  Inefficient and leaky toilets not only waste water but can affect your bottom line, that is your household budget.  Fixing any leaky toilet is a must, but homeowners and businesses should consider replacing older toilets with newer more efficient models.  An EPA study finds that new residential 1.6 gpf toilets reduce water use by 23 to 46 percent – a savings of about 21,130 gallons of water per year.  Generally this equates to about $130 in annual savings.    


With increasing pressures on our water resources, EPA is increasing its attention on water efficiency.  Efficient water use helps to reduce the need for costly water supply and wastewater treatment facilities, helps maintain stream flows and healthy aquatic habitats and reduces the energy level to pump, heat and treat water.  More information can be found on EPA’s Water Efficiency Web site:  www.epa.gov/owm/water-efficiency