Selectmen Proclaim October 24th as United Nations Day

Category : Town Administration

Department / Board / Committee : Board of Selectmen

Type : General

United Nations Day

October 24, 2012 marks the 67th anniversary of the United Nations. Since 1947, every US President beginning with Harry Truman has issued a proclamation asking citizens to observe this special occasion. This year’s celebration focuses on the topic “Solutions for a Prosperous World.”
It is asked that other interested individuals, groups and/or schools participate in United Nations Days. To mark the day, the Selectmen:
·         Issued a proclamation for display at the Massachusetts State House on October 29th
·         Will fly the United Nations Flag at Town hall
·         Encourage educators to conduct Model UN simulations
·         Encourage libraries to show displays of the United Nations.
The United Nations celebration this year is open to the public and will be held at the State House in Boston on October 29th which includes a reading of the Governor’s UN Day Proclamation, a keynote address and musical entertainment.  For more information or to attend the lunchon, please visit the United Nations Association - Greater Boston website at