Minutes 9/12/11

Category : Town Services

Department / Board / Committee : Library Trustees

Type : Meeting Minutes

            Present: Karen Coffey, Mary Feeley, Eric Gutterson, Chair Dan Lehan, Mary Beth Persons, Jane Wiggin, Director Tom Viti

               Absent: none

               Staff Representative: none


The minutes of the 06/13/11 meeting were unanimously accepted.


Director’s Report Highlights


  • As part of the FY 13 budget review, the Trustees reviewed fee schedules for overdue library materials compared to other towns, as well as the allocation of overall budget dollars within Library departments.


  • After discussion, the Trustees voted the following revised fine schedule, as of January 1, 2012, as recommended by Director Tom Viti.


      Adult Daily           Max                        Juvenile                Max

                        Fine                 Fine                      Daily Fine              Fine


            Books              .10                   $5                                .05                   $3


Videos             .50                   $5                                .50                   $5



  • It was also determined that 3 Trustees would assist Tom Viti in looking at the budget for purposes of preparing for the FY 13 budget discussion and the allocation of library resources.


Library Building Project Update


  • The project is still going according to schedule and within budget.  The slabs have been poured, the cables layed and utility connections are next. High Street will be closed in one direction in September for utility connections. Tom Viti may look into contacting a former Westwood Town Engineer as a possible consultant to help with potential questions that could arise over utility concerns on the project.


  • There have been some small change orders done on the project thus far, including but not limited to the sprinkler system, the Colburn school paving, and the planned work on the Malster property. However, there have been no major change orders of significance.


Colburn School Update


  • It is anticipated that the Purchase and Sale Agreement will be signed within two weeks of the date of this meeting. The Colburn will be moved by non-union employees as soon as the construction is complete on the new library. Coffman Realty is playing for the demolition of the current library.


Plans for Library Reopening Ceremonies


  • Mary Beth Persons discussed preliminary ideas to have a private reception for people who were influential in making the new library possible. That reception would be followed by a grand reopening for the public. She will contact members of the Friends and others, who will help plan these events.  Additionally, Mary Beth will attend the Westwood Day planning meeting to see if coordinating the grand reopening of the Library with Westwood Day would be a good opportunity.


Old Business


  • The Macdonald Family is concerned about a buffer between the new library and their property. Town Counsel has advised that we cannot use public money to make improvements on private property. The Trustees discussed the options of berms, fences or natural plantings, the benefits and costs of each and the possibility of placing it on library land instead.


New Business


  • The library is not requesting any capital budget items in FY13.


The Trustees voted to accept and expend monies listed in the Trustees meeting materials.


Documents distributed at Meeting in accordance with Open Meeting Laws:


Trustee Minutes from the 06/13/11 meeting.

Library Director’s report 08/05/11-09/06/11

Town balance of accounts

August Monthly statistical report

Summary sheet Grants and gifts approval

Westwood Library—MLN Libraries Fine Rates

Funding for Public Libraries-The Municipal Pie

WPL—FY 2011 Action Plan Report


The meeting was adjourned at 9:15 PM.