Minutes 12/12/11

Category : Town Services

Department / Board / Committee : Library Trustees

Type : Meeting Minutes

Westwood Public Library-Trustee Meeting Minutes

December 12, 2011

Meeting at the Islington Branch Library


Present: Karen Coffey, Eric Gutterson, Mary Feeley, Chair Dan Lehan, Mary Beth Persons, Jane Wiggin, Director Tom Viti

Staff Representative: June Lenzo


Under the section Director’s Report Highlights, the sentence, “There were four competing bids” was added. After the foregoing amendment, the minutes of the November 14, 2011 meeting were accepted.


Director’s Report Highlights


Project Update


The project is now 44 % complete. Masonry work is somewhat behind schedule and the Project Manager is working with the contractor to bring this back in line.

The contractor has submitted a ninth requisition for payment with approximately $3.7 million spent to date. The Permanent Building Committee has approved additional work by the architect to develop plans for expanded parking where the Colburn School is now located. There will be a change order for this work which will include paving and fencing. Coffman Realty developers, of the Colburn School, may present their plans to the Planning Board in January.

A map has been drawn of the internal layout and shelving configuration of the new library. Tom Viti and his staff worked with the shelving consultants and interior designers to develop the layout.

Tom Viti proposed to the Board a non-smoking policy for the new building and the grounds. The Board agreed to move ahead with such a policy. Tom will prepare a draft for the January meeting for the Board to review and approve.

The new owners of Appleseeds have agreed to allow the Library to continue using the parking area if we sign a “hold harmless” agreement.


FY 2013 Library Budget Request


The Board reviewed the Budget request prepared by Tom Viti and discussed multiple accounts that were highlighted due to various reasons (see handout “Library Operating Budget Request-FY 2013”). The FY13 budget assumptions cover ten months assuming the opening of the new library will be in September. The salary structure change last year has put more pressure on this year’s budget since the new 10 step scale has everyone earning steps (in the past, some employees had matured out of steps). The increase in salaries is 2.7% as a result.

Cuts in other budget items were made to accommodate the requested 2% municipal budget increase. However, in order to respond to the needs of the new library demands, as well as remain in compliance with the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners Requirement for Materials Expenditures as a Percentage of Total Budget Dollars at a minimum of 16%, the Board voted to recommend the FY13 Budget of $1,022,297 total expenditures (3.2% over FY 12)


Other Business




Documents distributed at the Meeting in accordance with Open Meeting Laws:


Trustee Minutes from the 11/14/11 meeting.

Library Director’s report 11/14/12-12/6/11

Department Expenditure Report 7/1/11-6/30/12, dated 12/8/11

November Statistical report

Summary sheet-grants and gifts approval

Library Operation Budget (5 Year Comparative)

Library Operation Budget Request-FY 2013

WPL FY 2013 Extra Staffing budget request


The Board voted to approve monies expended and accept monies received.


The meeting was adjourned at 9:18 PM.