Minutes 11/14/11

Category : Town Services

Department / Board / Committee : Library Trustees

Type : Meeting Minutes

Westwood Public Library-Trustee Meeting Minutes

November 14, 2011


Present: Karen Coffey, Eric Gutterson, Mary Feeley, Chair Dan Lehan, Mary Beth Persons, Jane Wiggin, Director Tom Viti

Staff Representative: Loretta Eysie


The minutes of the October 17, 2011 meeting were unanimously accepted.


Director’s Report Highlights


The RFID contract was signed by the PBC for $190K, including one year of service. The Board discussed service contract costs which are quoted at 13-15% of total contract cost, or approx. $4500-4800 for annual maintenance. Safety Signal of Millis was chosen for the new Library’s security system. The Main Library has used them for many years. Roche Bros. is also a client. The monitoring fee will be slightly higher than currently.


Project Update


The project is still on schedule for substantial completion the beginning of May.  A public opening date will not be set until next year.  Underground utility work is now complete.

Tom Viti met with Town Finance Director Pam Dukeman and the PBC to discuss the finances of the Project. Pam explained that proceeds from the sale of all town assets (Colburn School) must be deposited in Town accounts. The Library would then be able to be reimbursed for costs associated with the project from Town accounts. Pam also reminded PBC members that the total cost of the Library project won’t be known until well after the Library is built and stocked.


Colburn School Update


The Westwood Historical Commission filed a report with the Massachusetts Historic Commission reporting on the sale of the Colburn, and progress of the library project, including Coffman Realty’s planned changes to the School.  All matters were reported on favorably.

Coffman still needs to go before the Planning Board to submit its parking plan and landscape plan for the area. The Trustees want to make sure the Plan works in the best interest of the Library patrons.



FY 2013 Library Budget Request


The Town plans a 2% budget increase in its preliminary budget for all departments, including the Library. The new Library budget will be impacted especially in the following areas: a) higher utilities b) HVAC costs c) staffing costs d) RFID costs

Some costs will be incurred initially not until during year two. A discussion followed concerning costs. Tom will prepare a draft budget for the next meeting. 


Other Business


Tom Viti mentioned that an offer to buy Appleseeds was pending.


Documents distributed at the Meeting in accordance with Open Meeting Laws:


Trustee Minutes from the 10/17/11 meeting.

Library Director’s report 10/18/11-11/8/11

Town balance of accounts

October Statistical report

Summary sheet-grants and gifts approval


The Board voted to approve monies expended and accept monies received.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:28 PM.