Historical Commission

The Historical Commission, appointed by the Board of Selectmen, is committed to the preservation of Westwood’s historic places; acts in the public interest with regard to historic preservation concerns within the community; and works with other Town boards and commissions in planning and implementing programs for the identification, evaluation, and protection of Westwood’s historic resources.

The Commission holds meetings open to the public and invites input and comments from Westwood residents. Adoption of the provisions of the Massachusetts General Law Chapter 40, Section 8d establishes the local historial commission as a public agency of local government. Unlike an historic district commission (which has regulatory, design review authority over changes to properties in a designated local historic district), the local historical commission generally has only advisory powers.

Historical Commission Members:

Nancy Donoghue

Marilyn Freedman

Mary Ellen LaRose

Peter Paravalos, chair

Lura Provost

Kristi Noone

Mary Ellen Washienko



page updated 11-10-15