Government and Charter Study Task Force Mission Statement

The Task Force will review and consider potential revisions to the current Town Charter, adopted in the 1970 and periodically revised there after. The Task Force should conclude with a recommendation to the Board of Selectmen as to the aspects of the Town Charter that should be considered for revisions and the appropriate process, as defined by state law, for accomplishing said revisions.

The Town Charter has not been seriously reviewed or revised since it was adopted in 1970 other than one attempt to make major revisions in 1987. Since its original adoption, the level and complexity of Town Governance and the services it provides, has changed dramatically. As a result, it would be prudent to review and consider alternative forms of local governance that might allow for a more efficient manner in providing service to the community. The goal is to provide an objective comprehensive review of the options available for Town Governance from which the Board of Selectmen, Town Meeting and the community at large can determine if there is a benefit to proceeding with a process to revise the Town Charter in part or in whole.

Results of Town Charter Review

Please click the following link to review the proposed revised charter:

Proposed Revised Charter

This proposed revised charter will be on the town ballot on Tuesday, April 24, 2012. 


Commission Board Members
Peter Cahill, Chairman
Karen Manor Metzold, Vice-Chairperson
Tom Daly
Marge Eramo
Paul Fitzgerald
Charles Flahive
Ken Foscaldo
Frank Jacobs
Alice Moore
Anne Marie McIntyre, Administrator

The Commission holds open meetings and invites input and comments from Westwood Residents.

Anne Marie McIntyre
Westwood Town Hall
580 High Street
Westwood, MA