Frequently Asked Questions about the Collector's Department

What is the cost of an MLC?

$25.00 for all properties.

I sold the property. Why do I still get tax bills in my name?
Real Estate and Personal Property taxes are assessed to the owner of record as of January 1st. If the property is sold, the tax bills cannot be changed until the following fiscal year. The original owner should forward a copy of the tax bill to the new owner.

My mortgage company pays my tax bill. Can you bill them directly?
The law specifies that bills be sent to the owner of record at the Registry of Deeds. Often mortgages are sold or homeowners refinance the property, which can result in an overdue bill. Most often, mortgage companies obtain tax information electronically from the Town of Westwood. Homeowners should contact their mortgage companies to see if they are obtaining tax information from our electronic file or if they require further action by the homeowner.
When are my real estate taxes due?
Real Estate Taxes are collected quarterly. The following are the quarter collection due dates: August 1st
November 1st
February 1st
May 1st
If the first of these months falls on a weekend or holiday, then the collection date will be the following business day.

How do I receive Elderly Tax Relief?
Please obtain a application at Town Hall and submit according to instructions. Contact the Collector's Office with any questions (781-320-1015).
Why are my payments delayed if I use On-Line Banking?
On-line banking services mail manual checks to the Town of Westwood, payments are not made electronically. Since these checks are not sent with the bill remittance, the payments must be then manually entered and verified. As a result, the bill payment is delayed. Please consider this delay when paying Town of Westwood bills using on-line banking services to ensure that bills are paid by the due date and therefore avoiding late fees.