Finance Commission Annual Town Meeting Public Hearing-February 25, 26

26-Feb-2008   Tuesday
07:30 PM - 10:00 PM

Category : Town Finance

Department / Board / Committee : Finance Commission

Type : Meeting

Thurston Middle School Cafeteria
Schedule for February 25, 20087:30 P.M.
1.              Increase the number of seniors in Property Tax Work Off Program from 75 to 100 participants.
(Council on Aging)
Planning Board Articles
2.              Zoning amendment – establish a special permit to allow for a boundary fence (or a fence in combination with a wall) to exceed six feet in height.
3.              Zoning amendment – regulate the storage of commercial vehicles in residential districts.

4.              Zoning amendment – amend the definition of “fast order food establishment” and delete the definition of “fast order food”.

5.              Zoning amendment – change the special permit granting authority for the earth material movement special permit for projects that are also subject to the Major Business Development or Planned Development Area special permits and site plan review from the Board of Appeals to the Planning Board.
6.              Zoning amendment – include a minimum lot size for Senior Residential Developments.
7.              Zoning amendment – allow for the voluntary demolition and reconstruction of non-conforming residential structures by right in certain circumstances.
8.              Zoning amendment – specify that single unit cross-polar antennae is required only on major wireless communications facilities.
9.              Zoning amendment – allow for site plan review of signage in an MUOD area master plan in connection with approved signage guidelines.
10.          Zoning amendment – housekeeping.
11.          Purchase and installation of modular classrooms. (School Committee)
FY09 Budget Discussion 
The Town’s budget is voted as a warrant
article at Town Meeting. The School Committee and
Board of Selectmen will provide brief updates on their FY09 budgets.
Schedule for February 26, 20087:30 P.M.
1.                Amend zoning map by adding four parcels to existing Local Business B. 
                                  (Petitioner: Edward Richardson, 69 Webster Street)
2.                Disposition of Town property – parking lot on Washington Street.
                                 (Petitioner: Edward Richardson, 69 Webster Street)
Board of Selectmen Articles
3.                FY09 budget – Westwood Station.
4.                Appropriation – municipal capital improvements – Westwood Station.
5.                Appropriation – school capital improvements – Westwood Station.
6.                Road improvement.
7.                Acceptance of Town Way – Lowder Brook Drive – entrance to Meditech and Fox Hill Village.
8.                Town facility improvement study – land acquisition.
9.                Town facility improvement study – design.
10.             Health care – Chapter 32B, adopt Section 18 – retiree health insurance.
11.             Post employment benefit cost – establish trust fund.
12.             Town Bylaw - excavation and trench safety regulation.
13.             Tax increment financing (TIF) – economic development incentive program project.
14.             Acceptance of Town Way – Birch Lane.
15.             Town Bylaw governing post construction stormwater standard.
16.             Home rule petition – civil service (firefighters exceeding age limit).
17.             Reauthorize the Cable Technology Advisory Board.
18.             Westwood Station – eminent domain.
19.             Innkeepers licenses – new regulations.
20.             Westwood Station – zoning bylaw amendments.
21.             Westwood Station – school mitigation payment.
22.             Westwood Station – public safety building mitigation payment.
23.             Westwood Station – municipal mitigation payment.
24.             Canton/Everett/Forbes – neighborhood traffic calming.
25.             Westwood Station funding – amend Article 11 of 2007 Annual Town Meeting.
26.             Proposed adoption of the Community Preservation Act.
27.             Miscellaneous (2).