Comprehensive Planning Committee

The Comprehensive Plan, created in 2000, is a visionary document that helps guide decisions in areas such as land use, economic development and transportation. It is not a law or regulation but simply a guidepost. We are currently undertaking a rewrite of the document to reflect the town’s hopes for Westwood’s future.

This effort began in October 2010; it led by the Planning Board and includes a Steering Committee comprised of representatives of elected and appointed boards, as well as sub-committees considering specific areas within the plan. Residents participated in the initial visioning workshop in October 2010, and have since then been invited to attend all meetings and to serve on sub-committees. Over that year valuable information was gathered and studied.

In January 2012, the Westwood Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee invited residents to participate in an online survey to share their opinions about Westwood. Questions included what they like best and least about living here, and what changes they would like to see in the future – or not see – regarding issues such as land use, business development, housing, transportation, recreation and open space. In June survey results were analyzed and presented to the Committee.  Click here to view this presentation.

Survey Monkey Results

Other documents of interest:

Data for Comprehensive Planning by Philip B. Herr, Planning Consultant 

Data for Comprehensive Planning by Philip B. Herr, Planning Consultant - UPDATED! October 2013

  • The Comprehensive Plan Committee reconvened on October 17th, 2013 to refresh members and reconfirm the preliminary goals and action items. Members discussed the next steps in subcommittees collectively updating each of the sections of the 2000 Comprehensive Plan with a final goal of drafting a companion update to the Comprehensive Plan.