Aspen Portal Self Help for Parents/Students

The purpose of this Web site is to enhance the support services we provide to the Students and Parents using the Aspen Portal. The portal provides access to student information including grades, attendance and schedules.  The online portal is also used to collect parent contact information, emergency contact information, medical contact information, and parent permissions, including those for the School Handbook review and Media Permissions

Things to do now:

Login the Aspen Portal (Click Here for link to Aspen Portal)
Complete one parent information form

Complete one student information form for EACH student in your family
(Click Here for Instructions to complete Parent and Student Information Forms)

The site is maintained by the Town of Westwood Information Technology Department.The list below provides quick directions and video instructions for the most common Aspen tasks

If you still require assistance, feel free to contact us directly.  Most requests can be answered in the same day. 

Technical support is offered Monday - Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.



 Quick Tip



Login, Set up, & Password Reset Service .PDF How to log in and initially set up of your Aspen/X2 account.
Browser settings .PDF Adjusting security settings & allowing Pop-Ups in Internet Explorer, Firefox, & Chrome
Re-Setting Password Word How to change from the system-generated password to one of your choosing.
Parent & Student Contact Verification Instructions .PDF Step-by-Step instructions on how to create/update student, parent, & Emergency contact information

Using the Parent Portal

{viewing Report Cards}

Link to web Video

Instructions for Parents on how to view their child’s grades on-line, plus other general tips on using parent portal.

NOTE: Primarily for the WHS parent; not all features are applicable for TMS or Elementary students.

Viewing Your Class Schedule .PDF Instructions for Students on how to view their schedule in Aspen/X2.

Westwood High School Students - Course Selection Process

Usually available for a period of time after Feb. vacation each year.

Link to web Video Part 1 Choosing Core Academic Courses
Link to web Video Part 2 Choosing Electives
Link to web Video Part 3 Hybrid and Online Courses
.PDF Written  instructions for Students summarizing how to make course request selections for the following academic year.