Annual Inspection of Sewer System

Category : Public Works

Department / Board / Committee : Sewer Department

Type : General

The Town of Westwood D.P.W. will be conducting their annual inspection of the sewer system.   We will be inspecting the main lines and conducting home inspections of our sewer line in certain areas.   An inspector, working for the town will be coming to your home for the purpose of looking at the sewer piping as it leaves your home.   This person will have an I.D.  This will give us a chance to verify our records and insure us that the connection leaving the house has nothing extra connected.   Our interest is in finding out if there are any leaks in the pipes or extra items connected to your sewer service, such as sump pumps, air conditioners, dehumidifiers.    It is important to keep excess water out of the system.   This way the gallons that we are paying the MWRA for, are not gallons of ground water.   All this work helps to keep rates down.