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Fields and Facilities


FIELD STATUS UPDATE: All fields are open

WHS Tennis Courts are currently closed for resurfacing. Approx. reopen date is 9/19/17.

Field Calendars Fall 2017

For field inquiries contact Taryn Crocker at

For permit information please see the Policy for use of Fields and Facilities

Youth & adult league coaches schedule field usage with their organization's field coordinator. 

The field coordinator is to make their own decision if weather/field conditions change after the fields have been deemed open/closed. For weekend usage, the organization holding the permit for a specific field is to make the decision on field closure.

Field coordinators should stay current with the Westwood High School Atheltics schedules, cancellations and re-scheduled games. Go to to sign up for alerts related to schedule changes.

Animals are not allowed on fields with the exception of service animals.

Field cancellation reminders - Fields are closed if . . .

  • standing water is evident
  • footing is unsure/slippery
  • ground is water-logged
  • grass is easily pulled out
  • lightning or severe weather

June Street Playground/Field area is OPEN for passive recreation, no play equipment is available.