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Fields and Facilities


FIELD STATUS UPDATE: June 18 All Fields are Open

FALL PERMIT REQUESTS ARE DUE JULY 15 (Westwood Youth and Adult Sports)

The field coordinator for your organization is to make their own decision if weather/field conditions change after the fields have been deemed open/closed. For weekend usage, the organization holding the permit for a specific field is to make the decision on field open/closed.

Field Calendars Spring 2018

Field Calendars Summer 2018

For field inquiries contact Taryn Crocker at

For permit information please see the Policy for use of Fields and Outdoor Facilities

To request a permit please complete the Field/Outdoor Facility Permit Form

Youth & adult league coaches schedule field usage with their organization's field coordinator. 

Field coordinators should stay current with the Westwood High School Atheltics schedules, cancellations and re-scheduled games. Go to to sign up for alerts related to schedule changes.

Animals are not allowed on fields with the exception of service animals.

Field cancellation reminders - Fields are closed if . . .

  • standing water is evident
  • footing is unsure/slippery
  • ground is water-logged
  • grass is easily pulled out
  • lightning or severe weather

June Street Playground/Field area is OPEN for passive recreation, No play equipment is available.