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Westwood Recreation will send email reminders for relevant meetings. To be notified via email, please send a request to

High school court lights:

Completed!  Currently the 3 courts closest to Nahatan St. are user-operated.  Press the button at the court entrance and the lights will remain on for 1 hour.  A flashing light will give notice when the lights are about to go off, repress the button for an additional hour.  The lights can be activated as early as dusk and used until 10PM.



Tennis hitting walls:

The new tennis hitting walls have been installed at Downey and the high school tennis complex.  We hope you enjoy these new court amenities!



As you may have seen, the tennis courts at the high school have been repaired and resurfaced. A special purpose top coat paint provides increased foot traction. We have also refurbished the Downey tennis courts. In addition to crack sealing and resurfacing, center net anchor straps have been installed to give the center net its proper height.  The new hitting walls are constructed of materials that enhance return bounce, absorb noise, and can withstand New England weather. 

Court lighting

The Recreation Department and Commission held a public information meeting to discuss light installation options for the high school tennis courts.  Lighting the high school courts will significantly increase playing time availability.  Assuming lights turning on at dusk, each court could be available for an additional 800 hours over the entire playing season from spring through fall.  Additionally, the lights will allow the high school tennis team to start practicing earlier in the season.  We will be looking to expand our tennis program offering to take advantage of the newly installed lights.  This may include establishing a tennis league and evening lessons.  


To expand our hard-court offerings, we are recommending the installation of pickleball courts at the Sheehan tennis court site.  Pickleball is one of the fastest growing sports in the country.  Many Westwood residents travel to neighboring communities to make use of pickle ball courts.  Pickleball has also been adopted in the Westwood school physical education curriculum. Pickleball is very similar to tennis with two primary differences; 1) pickle ball racquets and balls are used and 2) the playing area is smaller. These modifications make for a less physically rigorous yet equally enjoyable game.  Pickleball court development is currently on hold while the Town and School Department analyzes options to site the new elementary school building under consideration.  We are awaiting final site selection for the new elementary school building project to determine whether the Sheehan site is a suitable location for the pickleball court complex. 

Morrison Park

The Select Board recently approved the Recreation Department to commence repair and refurbishment work for the Morrison Park basketball court. This work will comprise crack sealing, painting of the court surface, and replacement of the perimeter fencing.  Contractors have been selected and the work scheduled to be done following the East St. bridge replacement project (likely mid-July).

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