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September 15, 2017

The tennis courts located at Westwood High School are undergoing repair and    resurfacing. The courts should be accessible sometime in late September.  The courts   had extensive crack damage and are being sealed using a flexible patch screen system.  This process has been completed and base coats of paint will be applied over the next week.  When the two undercoats are dry a high grip surface paint called Latex-ite will      be applied. The last step is the repainting of boundary lines.

 The tennis courts located at Downey School will be repaired and resurfaced in spring of 2018. 

July 19, 2017

At Monday night's Selectmen's meeting, The Town authorized the Recreation Department to initiate a contract for the refurbishment of the High School and Downey school courts. Additionally, permission was given to install hitting walls at these locations.  The Recreation Department is currently researching materials for the hitting wall construction to ensure excellent performance, longevity and reduced noise. The work at these two sites will be completed in the current calendar year. 

 Selectmen also reviewed lighting options for the high school courts and replacement options for the Islington and Sheehan courts.  Notification will be sent out when these topics return to the selectmen agenda.

Courts Resurfacing Meeting Memo

July 14, 2017


 Thank you for taking part in the Recreation Department’s information sessions focused on community tennis and athletic courts. The Selectmen have included the courts topic on the agenda on Monday, July 17, 2017 at 8:10pm in The Selectmen Meeting Room located at Town Hall, 580 High Street.  We have submitted a request to The Selectmen to approve funding to resurface the High School and Downey tennis courts this Summer/Fall. Additionally, The Selectmen will review and discuss other options including hitting walls, lighting options and the construction of a replacement court for the Islington neighborhood. If you cannot attend this meeting it will be broadcast by Westwood Media Center and uploaded to the Town’s YouTube on demand programming.

Thank you,

Nicole Banks, CPRP, CPO

Recreation Director, Town of Westwood



 Court Refurbishment Plan FY17-18

Statement of Work - The Town of Westwood is seeking contracted services to perform new court installation, court resurfacing and lining, new net and posts (as needed), repair/replace fencing. To increase tennis court availability, the Recreation Commission will discuss lighting options for one or more courts.

Location and Types of Courts - On an as-needed basis court construction, resurfacing and addition of amenities is intended to take place at locations including, but not limited to the following:




Types of Courts


Lighting Estimate


Morrison Park



$137,500 (both courts)


Morrison Park


$152,500 (new construction)



Downey School

(2) Tennis




High School

(6) Tennis


$187,500 (6) / $156,250 (3)


Sheehan Courts*

(2) Tennis

$225,000 (new construction)


* note: footprint base expansion required; 104’x112’ to 108’x120’

Project Timeline:

Prepare and submit request for Spring Town Meeting

Work completed around usage needs - 2017

Morrison: following MBTA’s East Street bridge construction - 2019

Court Notes: Lifespan resurfacing 5-8 years on commercial court – lose grip sand slurry