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Zoning Amendments

The below table are zoning amendments and zoning changes that have been proposed since 2015 to present.

 Description Proposed Zoning Change Public Hearing Notice  Status
Zoning Articles Proposed for Annual Town Meeting, May 2019
Planning Board sponsoring zoning articles. Text of Changes.
Material for 2/26/19
Material for 3/12/19   Modified warrant articles on 3/12.  Planning Board Recommendation for 3/25 Meeting with the Finance & Warrant Commission
Zoning Legal Review
Planning Board Recommendation Revised March 19, 2019
Final Zoning Amendment Article Language
4/23/19 Planning Board Meeting Material
Final Report & Recommendation

Public Hearing 2/26/19, continued to 3/4, & 3/12

Public Hearing Notice 4/23/19

Planning Board Report & Recommendation to Town Meeting

Planning Board  Report to Fin Com for March 4 Fin Com Meeting
 Planing Board Report to Fin Com for March 25 Fin Com meeting.
Planning Board Report Revised on March 19, 2019

On April 23, 2019 the Board voted to make a recommendation to Town Meeting on 5 zoning amendments

Zoning Articles 18, 19, 20, & 22 were approved at Annual Town Meeting May 6 2019
Article 21 was indefinitely postponed

Originally proposed Zoning Amendments

Petition Article - Residential Limit for 30 dwellings FMUOD 6 & 7

Article 13 - Proposed Zoning Map Change

Article related to size of retail establishments was withdrawn.  Two Zoning Amendments: Articles 13 & 15

Summary to Finance & Warrant Commission for 3/26/18
Staff 3/26 Presentation

Proposed Warrant Articles - As presented on 3/5/18 to Fin Com

Planning Board 2/27 Recommendation

Hearing on Mon. 4/23 Library 7:00 pm

Continued Public Hearing Fin Com Book for 3/26/18

Public Hearing Notice
2/27 & 4/10/18


Zoning Map Approved by Attorney General Sept. 2018

Article 13 - Passed
Amended Zoning Map
Article 15 - Did not Pass

Planning Board Report to Town Meeting

Full Annual Town Meeting Warrant Book

Public Hearing Opened
2/27, closed on 5/15/18

Four zoning amendments proposed  considered by Planning Board

Proposed changes
Revised Zoning voted on 10/3/17

Presentation from 10/3/17 Planning Board Hearing

Presentation to Fin Com 10/17/17 Handout

Fall Town Meeting Warrant Book

Public Hearing 10/3/17 Town Meeting 11/13/17 - Warrant Book
Planning Board Recommendation to Town Meeting
Article 5 did not pass, Articles 10, 11 & 12 Approved
Updated Zoning Bylaw, November 2017
Disapproved July 2018 by Attorney General due to procedural defect
Eleven (11) Planning Board sponsored zoning articles for Annual Town Meeting, May 2017

View full zoning language and proposed map 2/28 presentation

Public Hearing 2/28/17 Zoning Bylaw and Map Approved May 1-2, 2017
 Petition Article, J. Wolfe Housing Demolition Moratorium Public Hearing 2/28/17  Did not pass
 Petition Article, D. Conant Remove multi-family housing use from FMUOD 6 & 7 Public Hearing 2/28/17  Did not pass
 Petition Article, D. Conant Remove footnote from Alternative Dimensions Table for FMUOD Sec. 9.5 Public Hearing 2/28/17  Did not pass
Seven (7) Planning Board sponsored zoning articles for Annual Town Meeting May 2016  View zoning language Public Hearing 2/9/16
Zoning Bylaw Approved May 2, 2016
Eight (8) zoning articles for special fall Town Meeting  View zoning language Public Hearing 9/30/15 Zoning Bylaw Approved November 9, 2015
Petition Article, E. Richardson Re-zone property at 220-310 Providence Highway from Single Residence B (SRB) to Highway Business (HB) Public Hearing 2/24/15  Did not pass
Ten (10) Planning Board sponsored zoning articles for Annual Town Meeting May 2015  View zoning language Public Hearing 2/24/15, updated

Historic Demo Delay & Senior Residential articles did not pass, all others approved. Zoning Bylaw Approved May 4, 2015