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Current Planning Board Applications

 Project Address Brief Summary Description Public Hearing Date Status
 45 Clapboardtree Street (former Westwood Lodge)
Open Space Residential Design (OSRD) application for 40 age restricted homes  To open 3/12/19 To open 3/12/19 at Downey School
Zoning Amendment, Annual Town Meeting Articles Planning Board sponsoring 6 zoning articles for Annual Town Meeting in May.  Full Text of language for 2/26/19 hearing.
Material for 2/26/19 Meeting
 Public Hearing 2/26/19 To open 2/26/19
 340 Clapboardtree Street  Limited EIDR Public Hearing for a handicap accessible ramp and exterior staircase addition
Application and plans
 Public Hearing 
To open 
 University Station Public Meeting for construction of 2-story building with 40,000 sq. ft. office use and surface parking.
Plans & Material for 1/29/19
Plans & Material for 2/12/19
Plans & Material for 2/26/19

Public Meeting 1/29/19 Opened 1/29/19, continued to 2/12/19, 2/26/19 at 7:00 pm 50 Carby St.
 None Public Hearing to update the Planning Board's Rules & Regulations for all applications.
Material for 1/29/19 Meeting
Material for 2/26/19
Public Hearing 1/29/19  Open 1/29/19, continued to 2/12/19 to 2/26/19  50 Carby St. 
Town Wide Open Space & Recreation Plan The Open Space & Recreation Plan Committee has submitted a draft Plan to the Planning Board. January 8 Presentation to Board
January 29 Material
February 12 Material
Plan Revised February 11, 2019
February 26 Material

Public Hearing 12/11/1, cont to 1/8/19 , cont to 1/29/19
 Opened 12/11/18, continued to 1/8/19, & con't to 1/29/19 at 7 pm 50 Carby St. , continued to 2/12/19  2/26/19 at 50 Carby St.
 200 Univeristy Ave. Site and building improvements. Revised Plans for 1/29/19 Public Hearing  1/29/19 Approved 1/29/19 
 45 Clapboardtree Street Preliminary Open Space Residential Plan for 40 age restricted homes
Application, Plans & Meeting Material
Public Hearing 12/11/18  Approved
 240 University Avenue  EIDR for exterior renovations to existing commercial building
Application & plans
Revised Material for 1/8/19

Public Hearing


 Approved 1/8/19
 36 Phillips Way EMM EIDR increasing the grade of existing slope after construction
Application & plans
 Public Hearing
 90 Brook Street EMM EDIR application for regrading for landscape improvements
Application & plans 

Public Hearing

 736 High Street

EIDR application for parking lot changes. Continued to include stormwater improvements.
Application & Plans
Continued Hearing Packet with revised plan

 Public Hearing
Cont. to 11/27

Approved 11/27/18

Approved Plan

 100 Brigham Way Special permit to use and store hazardous materials at Brigham & Women's
Application & plans
Public Hearing
 1200 East Street
EIDR application for a caretaker/watchman living quarters within existing garage
Application & Plans
Public Hearing 9/25/18 Approved 9/25/18
 200 Nahatan Street Limited EIDR Application to add lights to existing high school tennis courts
Application & Plans
 Public Hearing 9/5/18
Approved 9/25/18

 248-252  Nahatan Street



Limited EIDR site review of replacing an existing sign with new sign that is the same size and placed in the same location on the property. Public Hearing

Meeting Material
Islington Center Redevelopment - Petruzziello Properties, LLC (Town RFP Project) Click for Meeting Material:
Issue Resolution Chart
Petruzziello Development Options
Before & After Land Values
Town Community Center / Library (Wentworth Hall) Concept Plans (Youth & Family Services)
 Public Hearing Opened: 1/16/18, con't to 2/13, 2/27, 3/20, 4/4, 4/10 Special Permit Decision 4/10/18
Approved Site Plans
Approved Architecture Plans
 420 Providence Highway EIDR application for proposed exterior renovations including painting, new storefront panels, and new signage to existing commercial building. Application & plans Public Hearing on 6/12/18  Withdrawn on 8/7/18

 High Street #215 Preliminary application for a Age Restricted Open Space Residential Development (OSRD) for 19 single family homes
Application & plans
Public Hearing
Approved 3/20/18
 Burgess Ave #85 EIDR application for EMM for regrading work for new house
Application & plans
Public Hearing
2/13/18  at the Sheehan
University Station Phase II - Westwood Place at University Station

 UAMUD Special Permit for 100 residential (condo) units in 2-four story buildings.  Application Narrative, architectural plans, and site plans.
Revised plans for 1/30/18 meeting.
Revised material for 2/27/18 meeting

RKG Fiscal Peer Review Report

Approved Plans

Public Hearing Notice: 1/9/18 - 7:00 pm Downey School, Opened & continued to 1/30 at 7:00 pm Downey

Approved 2/27/18
Special Permit

Project Development Review

 480 Summer St. 

Special Permit for a Shared Driveway
View application and plans
View Revised Plans for 7/11/17
View 8/22/17 Material

Public Hearing
continued to 5/23/17, 7/11, & 8/22/17 -
7:00 pm 50 Carby St.

Approved 8/22/17
University Station - Modification of Master Plan for Development Area B

Request to modify the approved Master Development Plan for Phase II (Development Area B) for University Station. View application and plans 

Approved Modified Master Development Plan

Public Meeting 4/11/17 Approved 4/11/17
Westwood Estates Subdivision (9 Hedgerow & Wight Ln.(Map 32, Lots 9 & 197)

Definitive Subdivision and Earth Material Movement Special Permit applications.  For 10 lot subdivision and construction of ~1,207 ft. road with emergency connection to Lyons Dr.    Plans Approved 11/1/16 

  Approved on 11/1/16