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Current Planning Board Applications

Property Address/Location Brief Description & Application Public Hearing & Legal Notice Application Status
Islington Center Redevelopment, FMUOD Special Permit Application. Washington, School & East St.
Town & Petruzziello Properties LLC joint application

Approved Architecture Plans
Approved Site Plans

Material for 4/10 Hearing
Material for 4/4 Hearing

Town Estimate & Plans Wentworth Hall (Library, Y&FS Space)

Issue Resolution Chart
Before & After Land Values
Petruzziello Development Options
Material for 3/20 Hearing
Material for 2/27 Hearing
Material for 2/13 Hearing
Material for 1/16 Hearing

 Public Hearings Held On: 1/16, 2/13, 2/27, 3/20, 4/4, & closed on 4/10
Approved on 4/10/18
Approved on 4/10/18
Approved Architectural Design Plans
Approved Site Plans
 60-90 Glacier Dr.
Revise parking plan to reduce number of vehicles stored on site. Modify the 2015 and 2017 plan.   Application. Public Hearing on 5/15/18
Public Hearing Notice for 6/12/18
 Approved on 5/15/18
Approved Plan
Guidelines & Standards Revise Bicycle Parking Design Guidelines last adopted September 3, 2013 & Parking Design Standards last adopted May 18, 1992 Public hearing 
 Vehicle Parking Continued to 6/12/18
Bike Parking Edits Approved 4/10/18
Canton Street #690  WCOD SP & EIDR application to add 3 antennas & associated cabling to existing AT& T wireless array
Application & plans
Public Hearing
3/13/18 - Postponed until 3/20/18 same time & location
Approved 3/20/18
 High Street #215 Preliminary application for a Age Restricted Open Space Residential Development (OSRD) for 19 single family homes
Application & plans
Public Hearing
3/13/18 - Postponed until 3/20/18 same time & location
Approved 3/20/18
 Burgess Ave #85 EIDR application for EMM for regrading work for new house
Application & plans
Public Hearing
2/13/18  at the Sheehan
Washington St. #256

EIDR proposal to modify the exterior of an existing building
Application  & plans

Public Hearing

 Dover Road #453 Scenic Road application to remove two dead trees
Application & photos
Public Hearing 1/9/18
7:00 p.m., Downey School
Approved 1/9/18
University Station Phase II - Hawthorne at University Station

 UAMUD Special Permit for 100 residential (condo) units in 2-four story buildings.  Application Narrative, architectural plans, and site plans.
Revised plans for 1/30/18 meeting.
Revised material for 2/27/18 meeting

RKG Fiscal Peer Review Report

Approved Plans

Public Hearing Notice: 1/9/18 - 7:00 pm Downey School, Opened & continued to 1/30 at 7:00 pm Downey


Approved 2/27/18
Special Permit

Project Development Review

Harvard St. #44, Life Time Fitness, University Station Amendment to Project Development Review to add second floor health care professional use within building. Application Packet  Public Meeting 9/5/17 Approved 9/5/17
 Fox Hill Street #213  WCID-EIDR- Sprint Wireless - Installation of new antennas and associated equipment, upgrades on facility
View documents and plans
Public Hearing 9/19/17 Approved 9/19/17

 Station Drive #247

EIDR - NStar d/b/a Eversource Energy - Ground Mounted Solar canopies in parking areas
View documents and plans
Supplemental Packet & New Info
Revised Plans for 10/13 Hearing (Lighting & Landscaping)

Public Hearing
Approved  10/3/17
 Thompson Avenue

Westview Estates Definitive Subdivision - Request for Modification to tree plantings
View documents and plans
Approved Tree Locations-As-Built Plan

Public Hearing
Approved 9/19/17
University Station Phase II (Development Area B) Project Development Review for Medical Office Building Enabling Package - for completion of roadway, drainage, utility, lighting and landscaping improvements
View documents

Public Meeting

Approved 5/23/17
100 Lowder Brook Drive EIDR application for new wireless equipment to be added to an existing monopole.  View plans and application
Radio Frequency Report & Photo Simulations
Radio Frequency Report (MDPH)
Public Hearing
Approved 6/13
Phillips Way,
Lot 3A
Special permit for Earth Material Movement. View plans and application  Public Hearing
Approved 6/13/17
 "Camille Way"
266-278, 280 & 288 Washington Street

Preliminary Subdivision Plan Application that proposes a six lot subdivison and a 297 ft. long road from East St. connecting to Stafford Place on the easterly side of Washington St at 266-278, 280 & 288 at Washington St & East St..
View application & plans

Public Meeting
Withdrawn 5/23/17
 "Alexandra Way"
277-283, 291-295 Washington St & 9 School
Preliminary Subdivision Plan Application that proposes a four lot subdivison and a 344 ft. long road from East St. connecting to Washington St.  on the westerly side of Washington St at 277-283, 291-295 Washington St & 9 School Street.
View application & plans
Public Meeting
Withdrawn 5/23/17
University Station - Phase II (east side of University Ave.)

Project Development Review Application for Brigham & Women's Hospital facility. 2-story medial office building in Phase I, 4-story building and parking garage in Phase II.  Final Approved Plans

Public Meeting 5/9/17, continued to 5/23/17 7:00 pm at 50 Carby St.
Approved 5/23/17

 480 Summer St. 

Special Permit for a Shared Driveway
View application and plans
View Revised Plans for 7/11/17
View 8/22/17 Material

Public Hearing
continued to 5/23/17, 7/11, & 8/22/17 -
7:00 pm 50 Carby St.

Approved 8/22/17
University Station - Modification of Master Plan for Development Area B

Request to modify the approved Master Development Plan for Phase II (Development Area B) for University Station. View application and plans 

Approved Modified Master Development Plan

Public Meeting 4/11/17 Approved 4/11/17
Zoning Bylaw & Map Changes

Zoning Amendments for Annual Town Meeting.  Full Text of Articles 

 Text revised 2/10/17

Zoning Amendments - Revised at 2/28/17 Hearing

Zoning Amendments - Revised at 3/21/17 Hearing

Final Zoning Changes & Town Meeting Warrant Articles

Public Hearing 2/28/17

Fin Com Hearing Notice 3/6 - 3/7

Town Meeting, Monday, May 1, 2017 , continued to May 2, 2017

Article 21 - Indefinitely Postponed

Articles 22 & 23 - Failed

Articles 24-32 - Approved

 690 Canton St.  EIDR proposal for 3 antennas and 3 remote radio heads & to extend 2014 approval View plans & application Public Hearing
Approved 2/28/17
 36 & 44 Blue Hill Dr., 124 Canton Terrace
Definitive Subdivision Proposal for ~220 cul-de-sac and two house lots.  Application & Plans new plans for 2/7 mtg.
Public Hearing 01/10/2017
Approved 2/7/17
 580-590 High St. (Police Station)

Minor Modification to Police Headquarters EIDR - Modification Plans

Public Meeting on 08/23/16  Approved 08/23/16
9 School St. & 317 Washington St. EIDR to relocate the historic Blue Hart Tavern building to 9 School St.,temporarily. Application & Plans Public Hearing Notice 5/24/16 Approved on 5/24/16
60-90 Glacier Dr. Special Permit for Major Wireless Communication Facility for 100 ft. monopole
Application, Narrative & Plans
Public Hearing Notice 05/10/16 Approved on 5/10/16
Westwood Estates Subdivision (9 Hedgerow & Wight Ln.(Map 32, Lots 9 & 197)

Definitive Subdivision and Earth Material Movement Special Permit applications.  For 10 lot subdivision and construction of ~1,207 ft. road with emergency connection to Lyons Dr.    Plans Approved 11/1/16 

Public Hearing Notice for 4/12/16 Approved on 11/1/16
301-315, 317, & 323 Washington Street

Proposal for exterior renovations & facade improvements at 301-315 Washington, & to construct a new three-story building with first floor commercial and two floors of  twelve apartments at 317 & 323 Washington St. 

Approved Plans

Click to view the 12/1/15 Public Hearing Notice Approved on 4/25/16
580, 582, 590 High St. & 72 & 90 Deerfield Ave. Definitive Subdivision plan to extend Deerfield Avenue to Westwood Glen Rd., Westwood Police Headquarters Redevelopment Project. Approved Deerfield Ave. Subdivision plans and the Police Station EIDR plans Click here to view this document.                       

Subdivision Approved 10-6-15

EIDR Approved 10-20-15