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Community Development

The Community and Economic Development Department is responsible for management, administration, and coordination of all land use related Town functions. The Department and its many Divisions will foster and advocate for responsible economic growth and development through improved coordination of the land use functions within the Department and with other departments. The Department will project a positive, business friendly attitude to developers as well as existing and prospective businesses

Community and Economic Development Director Nora Loughnane, provides an important link between Town government and the business community. 

Ms. Loughnane's office is located at the Carby Municipal Office Building, 50 Carby Street.  She can be reached at 781-251-2595  or via email -

Service Areas:

  • Coordinate land use processes including the coordination of development review;
  • Serve as the “gatekeeper” for all development review;
  • Establish the processes for long-range planning and strategic approaches to community and economic development;
  • Project an environment that Westwood is open for business;
  • Pro-actively work with businesses and developers to assist them in navigating the various local approval processes;
  • Work with smaller businesses that have not worked with zoning/code issues in the past;
  • Establish mechanisms to support existing businesses in Westwood;
  • Evaluate and recommend appropriate changes in Town bylaws and regulations to make it as easy as possible to locate and operate a business in Westwood;
  • Manage application and renewal of all Selectmen-issued licenses;
  • Manage the annual Farmers Market and work with other Departments and organizations on community events, such as Westwood Day that involve the business community;
  • Provide targeted high quality information (print and the web site) about the community and its Community and Economic Development efforts.